thats me ....

3 weeks !

Igor about 11 weeks

6,5 months

Igor and his son Ruben winter 2008

headstudy 1 years old

Big kiss from Sannie to Igor !

Igor with his breeder Sannie Nielsen summer 2008!

summer 2008 1 year photo Sannie Nielssen

1 year

Igor with his son Buffalo Bull's Jack Sparrow aka Ruben photo Johan Eriksson

BAER test 2008 all OK !

BIS norway open show 2008! judge Steven Walker, uk

BIS best mover Norway Open show 2008 judge Steven Walker,uk

summer 2009 photo johan Eriksson

2 years ! the day of his swedish championtitel

headshot 2 ,5 year

BOS Open show sweden 2009 judge Andrea Gates Newberry ,uk

BOS swedish openshow 2009

winter 2010 !

Igor Tånga Hed 2010 4 best male judge Chris Kilpatrick,uk photo Sannie Nielssen,dk

Headstudy photo sannie nielssen,dk

f. 28 april 2007
e. Rightstuff King to Anzesa
u. Astonian Aftiel

healthtested ok  2011
heart kidneys

photos from 2 weeks - 2010

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best photos of IGOR from 2 weeks -2010