Offspring Eva Marias Broder Jakob

Rolliks Amazing Agnes 6 months ,mother Bodils mantella

Rollicks Amazing Agnes 1 year ! 2 in class Hp swedish open show aug 2011 price for head movements ,handling

what up here ?!

headstudy Rollicks Aventurous Aidian 1 year on photo<3

Rollicks Adventurous Aidian one year old heavybuild lovely guy on swedish open show price for movements

Rollicks Adventurous Aidan f 2 aug 2010 supernice guy ! mother bodils Mantella

Jakobs son with Bodils Mantella! now 1 year old !

mother to this two are Bodils Mantella

Agnes 6 weeks!

Basil 7 weeks

Basil 7 weeks

Basil 7 weeks

Basil 1day , mother chynos Red Chili

male 2,5 week mother is Chynos Red Chili

3,5 week daughter , mother Chynos Red Chili

brindle bitch 3.5 week

daughter , mother lejongapets ellen vallmo

mother is lejongapets ellen vallmo

Super glorys Priceless 3.5 week mother Bullkings midsommer promise

headstudy , mother is Bullkings midsommer Promise

br.male 3,5week photo nathalie Uppling-Loddby

headstudy Super Glorys Piece of Art f1 mars 2010 mother Bullkings Midsommer Promise

Super Glory's Pride aka COCO 6,5 months

headstudy 4 months

super glorys pride , mother is Bullkings midsommer promise

Super Glorys Pride mother Bullkings Midsommer Promise on swedish open show 1 in class Hp price for head movements , handling

headstudy Super Glorys Pride 'coco'

Super Glorys Priceless 4months

Thea 6 months , mother Bodils Mantella

Thea 1 year mother Bodils Mantella